Superior Pawn has a extensive selection of men and woman’s fine jewelry, gold jewelry, silver jewelry, name brand watches and valuable coins. Visit our stores and browse our jewelry collection to include; rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, sport watches, dress watches, jeweled watches, ankle bracelets and much more..
DAVE THE JEWELERWe are lucky enough to have an Expert Jeweler, David, with 30+ years of experience. David specializes in custom jewelry and repairs.

  • General price sheet for standard jewelry pieces:
  • Size up $25 +$5 for each additional size (standard shank)
  • Size down $20 +$ (if stones fall out and other repairs need to be done)
  • Clean and Polish $10 +$ (if stones fall out or any other repairs arise)
  • Rhodium Plating $25 +$ (standard will be $25 extra cost will be added for more dynamic jewelry pieces
  • Prong Jobs $15 per prongs
  • Tighten stones $20 per stone
  • Solder $10
  • Broken clasp $25 +$ ($25 is for the basic size clasp price will go up for bigger clasp)

Listed above is a general price sheet on basic work David can do. He also specializes in custom work and remounts. If you haven’t been able to find that dream piece we do have a book that you and David and look through and order the piece parts to put together your own custom piece of jewelry. Jobs that fall under these two options are priced case by case. If you want a direct price on what it will cost come in and see David. He works every Tuesday through Saturday from 11-6:30 at our Little Creek Store 805 West Little Creek Road, Norfolk VA 23505.