5th Annual Auction – December 2nd!!!!

This December we are hosting our 5th Auction! 150+ lots of top of the line tools, firearms, electronics & more. Items will go fast & for a great price. Please arrive early to see the items , mark off what you want to bid on.

We will provide each bidder with a bidder number & a list of all the lots with a short description.


This year we will not have any Jewelry in the actual auction, but we will have a case for BLOW OUT SALES!

Also, as we add items to the auction, we will be posting photos in our Facebook event page as a preview for everyone. Check it daily to see all the items. Unfortunately, once the item is added into the auction list it will not be taken out for an in store purchase.

Before making a bid on a firearms please know you will be required to do a background check! This means for all Handguns you MUST be a Virginia resident, that means (a DL or ST ID that is 30 days old with the correct address) OR a Military ID with LES or ORDERS (digital copies are acceptable). For long guns (rifle or shotguns) you are allowed to buy with an out of state DL or ST ID (w/ correct address & at least 30 days old) , BUT the firearm must be legal in the state your DL or ST ID is representing. In addition, you will need something else that matches the name and address on your DL or ST ID. Acceptable 2nd forms are; conceal handgun permit, voter card, car registration, mail from the court house (if you have anything else you would like to try to use ASK first).

Location Change

After many years our Hampton Blvd Store has closed. If you had any items in Pawn or on Layaway DON’T WORRY your item is safe. All items we transferred to one of out other stores. If you want to make a payment on any item, pawn or layaway, you would need to go to 805 West Little Creek Rd. The staff is ready to welcome you and help you complete a smooth easy transaction. If you cant make it in to make the payment, don’t worry we still offer phone payments. You can reach us at the same number Hampton Blvd once had, (757)-489-7348, or you can call us at the Little Creek Store location, (757)-789-7296. If you are prepared to pick up an item, bare with us, as our stores have combined we now have double the amount of stuff to look through to successfully grab your item. With limited space at our stores, we had to split where the items were stored. If you had a larger item or tools in pawn they were transported to Superior Pawn at 3449 N Military Hwy, Norfolk, VA 23518, all other item were transported to 805 West Little Creek Rd. Please remember all finance payments and pick up payments must be made at the 805 West Little Creed Rd location. Once a pick up payment is made, you have two options if the item is not at our West Little Creed Rd. store; 1. Take the redemption slip down the the Superior Pawn at 3449 N Military Hwy, Norfolk, VA 23518 or 2. Leave the redemption slip with us, and pick up the item from us the next day. As this is something new for all of us, customer and employee, we appreciate everyone being patient and understanding.